Friday, July 13, 2007

Give Tony Snow a Raise.


The poor bastard had to suffer through a conference call with, among many wingnut luminaries, the skeeziest blogger hooker in the Upper West Side western hemisphere. Here's a snippet:

Ward asks, why is the motivation for Republicans that are defecting. Is it a framework for re-election. Tony was not going to try to interpret the motives of members of Congress.

Snow: "What is necessary in the next few months is a surge of facts." (Yeah that's me in the background going yay!) A surge of true events on what is going on in Iraq today.

That's one nutty fucking parenthetical! (emphasis mine)

It gets worse.

I also asked him why Al Sadr was still alive (which met with knowing laughter) and Snow said we do not engage in assassinations.

(emphasis hers)

I dunno. Fox News has got to preferable to that craziness.

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