Friday, July 27, 2007

Ann Althouse: dumber than previously thought.

I didn't think it was actually possible, but check this brilliant analysis:
One more thing that tips me toward Clinton! Bush-Cheney lite sounds like just about what we need. Clinton declares the epithet "silly," but I think that secretly she knows the comparison helps her in some quarters.
What quarters would those be, Ann? The 30% or so of people who approve of Bush? And what percentage of that fringe actually want a watered-down version of him? And how does that, exactly, help her win the Democratic nomination?


A reader writes,
Reasonably, a large enough percentage to tip the election for Hillary. Besides, do you really think by "lite" Obama meant "watered-down?" He was talking about a similar stubbornness between the two. People who approve of Bush admire his stubbornness which they see as steadfastness. Althouse and others are not "dumb" for admiring that in Hillary.
"People who approve of Bush" are (a) in the fringe minority and (b) hate Hillary. Period. It's idiocy to suggest that Hillary can win these people over.

Whether or not Obama's attack or not is smart is another question. But even the GOP candidates are going to have to run, run, run away from Bush/Cheney -- that Althouse doesn't see this is completely amazing.

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