Friday, June 08, 2007

Putz on the "successful" surge: a timeline.

General Lute, the new War Czar, sounds confused:
President Bush's war czar nominee said Thursday that conditions in Iraq haven't improved significantly despite the recent influx of U.S. troops and predicted that, absent major Iraqi political reform, violence will continue to rage over the next year.

Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute, tapped by Bush to serve as a new high-powered White House war coordinator, said at a confirmation hearing that Iraqi factions "have shown so far very little progress" toward the reconciliation needed to stem the bloodshed. If that doesn't change, he said, "we're not likely to see much difference in the security situation" a year from now.

General, you need to stop watching See-BS and the Clinton News Network. To cheer you up, I've compiled this list of good news about Iraq and how well the surge is working, so you can clap louder, stop emboldening the enemy, and fully embrace the Green Lantern/Tinkerbell strategy endorsed by Putz.

"STUMBLING INTO SUCCESS: J.D. Johannes posts another report from Iraq."
The "Anbar Awakening" appears to be spreading.
"You know, if I didn't know better I'd think that some of the lefty bloggers would actually be happier if things [in Iraq] were going badly."
"Is al Qaeda on the run in Iraq?"
"MICHAEL YON sends another email about how boring things are for him in Iraq."
"Am still in Anbar and just went another day without hearing a single shot fired."
"The Baghdad security plan is working."
"ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: The "al Qaeda leader killed" stories are a perennial, and not big news in themselves. That they seem to be happening more often, and often at the hands of Iraqis, is more newsworthy, I think."
"Surprisingly good news from Iraq."
"I’ve been struck by the degree to which the debate in this town, in Washington, seems to be lagging behind reality in Iraq."
"I don't think that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi objectively want Al Qaeda to win. But they're playing a dangerous game. What if they're wrong, and the people actually reporting success in Iraq are right?"
"Street violence in Baghdad and surrounding areas has declined. Shops and markets once boarded up are reopening. Iraqi civilians are venturing out onto the streets again and living their lives with less fear of being persecuted, tortured, maimed or killed."
"The Democrats in Congress are so consumed with negotiating among their factions the most clever linguistic device to legislatively ensure the failure of the administration's current military strategy -- while not appearing to do so -- that they speak almost not at all about the first visible results of that strategy."
"A semblance of normality is returning in some neighborhoods, markets are reopening, sectarian murders and ethnic cleansings have been dramatically reduced."
"Things are better and there are encouraging signs."
"Americans now are slightly more optimistic about the Iraq war."
"Despite signs of progress in many key areas of the battle space, the conditions on the media/military front have not improved since early 2005."
"The surge is well underway in Iraq, and by some reports it's already making a big difference."
"Iraqi tribes battle al-Qaeda: 39 terrorists killed."
"US military deaths have declined by 20% since the surge began."
"A major victory for US and Iraqi forces."
"Good news about the surge."
"Signs of progress."
"Iraqi security forces killed dozens of al Qaeda militants."
"Al-Sadr doesn't like the surge."
"The surge is working."

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