Thursday, June 21, 2007

Putz and Pajamas thrilled over news of Chinese pollution.

You probably heard that China predictably passed the US in CO2 emissions.

So naturally, Pajamas Media attacks envirnomental groups.
An Inconvenient Truth: China has surpassed the US as the world’s largest producer of CO2, the chief “greenhouse gas” said responsible for Global Warming. What will environmentalists say? Barking Moonbat Early Warning System thinks they will say nothing.
(Er, except that it's the lead story on Greenpeace International's home page.)

Putz also seemed downright giddy about the news, declaring weirdly, "That didn't take long."

What Pajamas and Putz seem to be forgetting is that China has a population roughly four times the size of the US.
Chinese environmental officials have said that while total emissions are going up, they are still less than one quarter of those of the United States on a per capita basis. Because China's population of 1.3 billion people is more than four times that of the United States, China spews about 10,500 pounds of carbon dioxide per person, while in the United States it is nearly 42,500 pounds per person.
And throw in the fact that countries like the US, as Greenpeace notes, have exported manufacturing to China.

That's not to say China gets a free pass. It's just funny that an outfit like Pajamas suddenly cares about CO2 emissions when their founder, Roger L. Simon, thinks that the fact that we still have a winter is a sign that this 'global warming' thing is just a myth.

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