Friday, June 15, 2007


Yesterday, Mark Steyn wrote:

[M]y problem with Judge Reggie is one of tone as much as anything else. Putting aside his complaints about "angry, harassing, mean-spirited " letters, which make him sound like a whiney twerp...

Thankfully, no wingnut idiocy -- but I repeat myself! -- goes unpunished. A Corner reader responds:

The Libby judge is a "whiney twerp" for complaining about harassing letters?

This from the blog where conservative pundits habitually whine about the nasty looks they get from the nose-pierced clerk at Barnes & Noble when they buy the Collector's Edition of "Why Reagan is God, Part XXXVIII" - hyperventilating as if they're one step away from the gulag.

I am without speech. And also, just maybe, in love. Future Mrs. TS, please leave your digits in comments.

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