Monday, June 18, 2007

Fox News: The Next Generation

Meet Audrey Bright, newly-minted Fox News intern:

Bright, 20, became interested in journalism when she was in high school. Her parents and a couple of teachers encouraged her to compete in University Interscholastic League journalism competitions. She qualified for the state competition for headline writing her first year of competition.

She said she felt it was God's will for her to pursue journalism. She completed her first internship with the American Anglican Council's department of communications in Atlanta, but then she wanted to complete another internship before she graduated college.

Bright said she and her family have long been fans of the Fox News Channel. When she learned the news channel's Web site was seeking interns, she jumped at the chance.

"This is the one internship I wanted more than anything," Bright said.

She applied for the internship in November 2006. The news Web site called her back in February for a phone interview, and she was given the internship in April.

As an intern, her responsibilities include searching news wire for stories to be featured on the Web site. She said the Web site looks for stories that other news sites might not feature. She has also been asked to write and contribute to a few stories.

"It's really been wonderful," Bright said. "It's a great, hands-on experience."

Bright said she already has learned much from her internship. She said she has learned how to search through stories to find what is newsworthy, and she has learned much about Web reporting, which she described as "the future of journalism."

Once she graduates, Bright would like to work in journalism. She said she would like to continue working for the Fox News Channel, but she would be open to any journalism field because they all involve communication skills.

"I feel so blessed to be given this opportunity," Bright said.

Yolanda Bright said her family was thrilled for her daughter's internship because they have long been fond of the news channel. She said she talks with her daughter every day. She said she believes God is working through her daughter.

How nice. Maybe Fox will assign Ms. Bright to update the Iraq casualty list. The brain trust at Fox has ignored a year's worth of dead Americans, which strongly suggests that Roger Ailes enjoys fellating squirrels hates the troops.

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