Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Calling It "Performance Art" Doesn't Give You License to Be a Fool

Althouse says:

Instaputz displays a picture of me and then says sexual things about me. If I were a Yale law student, I'd sue him, and I could even leverage my way into federal court with a copyright claim. (I have a Creative Commons license on my photographs in Flickr, but he omits the required attribution and, in any event, it's obvious that I didn't take this picture so the license isn't mine to give.) By the way a "putz" is a little penis, so he might want to order the fried calamari instead of the onion rings.

I'm a little puzzled that Ms. Althouse finds something "sexual" about this:

And Ann, so long as you're discussing symbolism: what does your facial expression in the above photo -- which is kinda reminiscent of the fifteenth letter of the English alphabet -- represent?

Indeed, "O" is the 15th letter of the English alphabet. But my mind -- unlike the professor's -- isn't in the gutter. If she knew me at all, she'd know that one of my great passions is origami. For example:

Finally, Ann, what's with the fixation on small penises? First, Scott Lemieux and now this...

UPDATE: I'm sure what this means, but it contains a whiff of mockery.

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