Friday, May 04, 2007

Go, Team, Go!

Glenn Greenwald's got a pretty hilarious piece on the new IraqForeva' initiative, spearheaded by "such luminaries as Ben Domenech of RedState, Jim Holt (the Gateway Pundit), Patrick Ruffini (official online strategist for the Giuliani campaign), Bryan Preston of Michelle Malkin's Hot Air, and Glenn Reynolds."

Still, one aspect of this masturbatory site not highlighted by Mr. Greenwald is worth noting.

Nestled near the upper right portion of the site is a big, fat yellow button, labeled -- somewhat hopefully -- Embed. Don't make the same mistake I did -- do not assume that OYE is finally paying dividends. Nope, the site's proprietors have appropriated the language of reporters who had the guts to actually cover the war, and in some cases die doing so*, to "drive more people to the cause."

Pretty shameless.

*See Brolan, James and Douglas, Paul

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