Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Glass Houses, Roger L. Simon Edition

Roger L. Simon, going out on a massive limb, mocks Rosie O'Donnell for her conspiracy theories. Which would be fine, if Roger hadn't spent so much time peddling his own:

Many have speculated that the famous vanishing Iraqi WMDs were slipped over the border into Syria. Who knows where these came from but WorldNet Daily is reporting that Syria may have tested chemical arms on civilians in the Sudan...

And without rehearsing the WMD argument,which in terms of all these nations (and Iraq) should encompass the hugely dangerous proliferation issue, vastly more important than whether Saddam had gas canisters lying around or whether he destroyed them or hid them under some Syrian sand dune (who knows and finally who cares?).

Ironically, Bashar may be the last best hope of the "fuddy-duddy left" who persist on insisting, via cherry-picked quotes, that "Operation Iraqi Freedom" was not fought for, er, "Iraqi Freedom," but only to find missing WMDs.

Never mind that whether Saddam had nuclear and other such weapons now or later was essentially irrelevant as long as he was in power and able to use them, never mind the supposedly missing weapons could be hidden at this moment in Syria...

I don't we will ever know, even remotely. The people who dig such things don't tend to promote their presence, just as those who bury WMDs are not likely to tell us where they are (Syria? Lebanon?).

To what extent has the possibility that Saddam outsourced his WMDs to Syria at the same time as his money been researched?


U.S. investigators hunting for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq have found no evidence that such material was moved to Syria for safekeeping before the war, according to a final report of the investigation released yesterday.

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