Tuesday, May 01, 2007

From the Nostalgia File


"QUOTE DOCTORING" in the publishing world.

Quote doctoring... Kinda like this?

This reminds me of Josh Marshall's 2003 worry that we weren't killing enough Iraqis and that this would come back to haunt us.

While Mr. Marshall was in favor of invasion, he certainly did not advocate mass extermination. Putz's allegation prompted chidings from Fontana Labs -- "If you're going to take a triumphant tone about the wonders of pajama-clad media, you shouldn't play so fast and loose characterizing what people say about civilian deaths in wartime" -- and Gregory Djerejian: "[W]hile it's convenient to fold in Josh Marshall to the 'genocide-lite' aficionado brigades, much as Glenn likes to enlist Duncan Black as a fevered Ledeenite when it comes to Iran, it's just not accurate."

Glass houses, right?

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