Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dick Miniter exposes himself.

In a Pajamas Media FOCUS, terror expert Dick Miniter discovers a Saddam-al Qaeda connection!11!!!!!1!
So far, he told me, he [al-Shamary] hasn’t talked to any Americans. No CIA officers, no military intelligence officials, no congressional investigators, no journalists. This is a strange omission because if al-Shamary’s information checks out, he was one of several human links between Saddam’s regime and al Qaeda. He could be the missing link.
What a coup! Miniter scoops the CIA, the military, the US Congress, the Bush Administration and the media and proves that Saddam and al Qaeda were linked...somehow. In your face 9/11 Commission!

Er, except on September 11, 2003, Dick, in explaining the many connections between Saddam and al Qaeda, told the National Review,
Saddam openly funded the Iraqi Kurdish Group and its leader, Melan Krekar, admitted that he met bin Laden in Afghanistan.


Sudanese intelligence officers told me about dozens of meeting between Iraqi Intel and bin Laden.


Tellingly, reports that Mohamed met with Iraqi intelligence agents in Prague several times in 2000 and 2001 have not been disproved.
So since Miniter is now claiming that al-Shamary is the "missing" link between Saddam and al Qaeda, that means he's admitting that his extensive previous claims on this topic including this lengthy article titled, "The Iraq-al Qaeda Connections" have all been total bullshit.

Way to go, Dick!

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