Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Joe Klein Thinks You're Stupid

Joe Klein's latest column is headlined:

Is al-Qaeda on the Run in Iraq?

As you might expect, the piece, the stinking load of crap that it is, doesn't provide an answer, either affirmative or negative. But it does include the astonishing assertion that

without a political deal, the sectarian conflict between the Sunnis and Shi'ites will intensify—and eventually explode when the U.S. military pulls back from Iraq. The stakes in Iraq then become questions of moral responsibility and regional stability. "How many Srebrenicas do you have the stomach for?" a senior U.S. official asked me, referring to the Bosnian massacre by the Serbs in 1995. Given the antipathy of the American people for the war, I'd guess the public reaction would be, "Those Arabs are just a bunch of barbarians, and we could never tell the difference between Shi'ites and Sunnis anyway."

Seriously? Is that what Klein actually believes? It's would seem so. But, hey, this is the same Klein who told Hugh Hewitt

But can I just say this about the President? You were saying this before the break. Let me say that of all the major politicians I've covered in presidential politics in the last two or three times around, he is the most likely to stick with an issue, even if the polls are bad, and to govern from the gut as you said. I don't always agree with the decisions that he makes, but I think he is an honorable man, and when I've criticized him, I've tried to criticize him on the substance, and certainly not on his personality, because I really like the guy.

Right. Klein admires the very same man who couldn't, ahem, tell the difference between Shi'ites and Sunnis.

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