Monday, April 16, 2007

Putz blames Virginia Tech shootings on restrictive gun laws.

This is revolting. (multiple updates below)
Nobody seems to know much yet on what happened. These things do seem to take place in locations where it's not legal for people with carry permits to carry guns, though, and I believe that's the case where the Virginia Tech campus is concerned.
Leave it to Putz to turn a tragedy of historic proportions into a pro-gun ad. Sick.


A reader below points to this outraged response to Putz from a resident of Blacksburg.


This post at Martini Republic pretty much nails it:

Instapundit says:

LOTS OF PEOPLE WANT ME TO SAY MORE about the Virginia Tech shootings, but I don’t have a lot more to say at the moment, particularly as it’s still unclear exactly what happened.

What that means: “LOTS OF PEOPLE WANT ME TO REMIND THEM WHY ABSURD, NRA-INSISTENT DISTORTIONS OF THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS STILL TRUMP YOUR RIGHT TO LIVE. And I don’t know. But I’m sure I’ll be able to make something up soon, when the bodies cool down a bit.”

The bodies weren't yet cold and Putz's first response is to spout NRA spin about gun laws. That is so twisted, so warped and corrupt -- it's frankly hard to put into words.


The Carpetbagger Report notes,
Glenn Reynolds quickly denounced local gun laws. [...] Folks, Virginia Tech is still in the midst of a crisis. Students, right now, are being told to stay indoors, away from windows. The community is in a state of shock and horror.

Can we wait a few hours before using the massacre to push a political agenda?

Putz apparently can't.


Sullivan notes,
Is it just me or is there something just a little creepy about the impulse to blame gun-control policies on campus for a massacre of over 30 people? While the corpses are not yet cold?
His link was to Putz's gal Michelle Malkin, but it could've easily been to Putz -- after all, he beat her to the punch.

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