Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Is Putz Getting Smarter, or is He Just a Treasonous Wanker?

In October '06, the Dow Jones industrial average hit 12,000. Wall Streeters collectively shrugged, no surprise, and the mad-smart Mr. Daniel Gross wrote, "serious investors don't even use the Dow as much of a benchmark."

Further, he noted that the S&P 500 "is a much more accurate gauge of general market performance."

Still, Putz sniffed, "It would be a big deal if a Democrat were in the White House."

Well, now the Dow has hit the big 13K and a Dem still ain't in the White House. I figured Putz's indignation would remain intact. I wuz wrong:

DOW 13,000: Good news, I guess.

You guess!? I think it's okay to question Putz's patriotism, don't you?

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