Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Broken credibility.

That's a phrase of TM Lutas, who Putz links to today to prove the Great Surge Is Working:
I fully expect...that we're going to see a sea change in coverage because "a majority of Iraq is under local control and relatively quiet" and all the MSM is going to realize that if they don't get on the right side of this quickly, the deluge of broken credibility will very likely worsen and shorten their personal careers significantly.
TM Lutas should know all about broken credibility, because this is what he wrote in June 2006 on Rick Santorum's totally bogus WMD "discovery":
Now that we know that at the time of OIF there were at least 500 WMD in the form of artillery shells and rockets carrying chemical weapons, the entire "no WMD in Iraq" story line that the anti-war left has depended on to erode support for this war is itself washed away by facts.
Fish, barrel.

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