Sunday, April 15, 2007


Quoth Putz on global warming:
Of course, the other reason it inspires passion in Europe is that it's spun as an anti-American issue. That may also explain why so many Americans are cool to the idea.
Sigh. If only so many of Putz's fellow countrymen didn't hate their own country.

Given that the United States is the world's biggest producer of greenhouse gases despite accounting for only 4% of the world's population and rejected the treaty to reduce those gases that 170 other nations signed, it doesn't take much spinning to assert that the US has a greater responsibility to lead on climate change, a responsibility that it has shirked. And to point this out isn't being "anti-American," but denying that we're a bigger part of the problem is simply pigheaded, America-is-never-wrong nationalism.

Adds Putz, who seems to be confusing his readers:
Reader Richard Horn thinks my constant noting of cold weather at global-warming events means I dispute the existence of global warming. Jeez, how many times do I have to point out that that isn't the case?
Pretty easy to see why Richard Horn is confused. Putz often links to ExxonMobil-funded global warming skeptics and publications, ridicules global warming advocates, and every time it's cold anywhere in the world he cracks an Al Gore joke.
Indeed, from my perspective we should be doing the same things -- working hard to reduce the use of fossil fuels -- regardless of what you think about global warming. But the self-righteousness and exaggeration of the global-warming advocates does set my teeth on edge, and encourage mockery.
There you have it. Frauds and crackpots who say global warming is fake are worthy of links and lengthy citations, but climate change advocates deserve scorn and ridicule.

Putz is anti-pro-environment, just like he's anti-anti-torture.

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