Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pajamas Putziness.

(Pictured: Dick Miniter, sans bra)

(updated below)

Atrios, last month:
I haven't been able to summon up the courage to see if wingnut bloggers are so goddamned stupid that they're citing the use of chlorine in bombs as "proof of WMDs."
The latest post from wingnut Dick Miniter:
WMD? What WMD?

This must have been a hard one for the Associated Press to write. The enemy in Iraq has carried out a string of chlorine gas bomb attacks in Iraq over the past few weeks. It is interesting that the reporter does not raise the most interesting question: where are the terrorists getting the gas bombs from?

Some old Saddam stockpile?

Wingnuts are so predictable.


Though Dick Miniter seems to be a little embarassed by his headline, this wingnut is very upset we're not taking this Very Important WMD Discovery more seriously.

He even made a cute little picture.

Note to wingnut: "It's not just for pools" is not a question.

"How stupid can you be?" is.

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