Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Will Putz and the Victory Caucusers thank the Washington Post?

While the troop-supporting Putz still hasn't uttered a single "heh" or "indeed" about the deplorable conditions at Walter Reed, the army is finally taking action. This passage of the Washington Post article is particularly galling.
Snow said Bush "first learned of the troubling allegations regarding Walter Reed from the stories this weekend in The Washington Post. He is deeply concerned and wants any problems identified and fixed." The spokesman said he did not know why the president, who has visited the facility many times in the past five years, had not heard about these problems before.
Bush found out about the problem only because of the evil, troop-hating, Bush-bashing, terror-emboldening MSM. So shouldn't Putz and his minions be nothing but grateful to Dana Priest? Shouldn't he be writing her and the Post long love letters of thanks for bringing this to the attention of the President, since he's such a passionate, devoted advocate for the troops and their well-being?

I do see that Michelle Malkin has finally gotten around to the Walter Reed story and has used it as an opportunity to attack (quick quiz):

a) The Army
b) The Bush Administration
c) Rummy
d) Left-wingers

If you guessed (d), you'd be correct!
I do hope all the left-wingers who are now newly enraged by problems at the VA sustain their interest beyond the time frame in which these stories maximize embarrassment of their political opponents. Supporting the troops takes much more than exploiting their neglect.

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