Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Putz, the victim.

I'm tired of updating the post below, so I'll note here Putz's latest update to his rebuttal of the op-ed that ran in the Rocky Mountain News today. He links approvingly to Dan Riehl who calls the piece "trash" -- without factually rebutting a single word of it -- and writes,
So, just who is the fascist here, Mr. Campos? From where I sit, it looks as if it's actually you. Assassinating free speech is far more dangerous to America than killing some Iranian nuclear scientist, though I'll just assume you'd disagree.
Nice perspective there, Dan. So holding Putz accountable for his un-American calls for the murder of civilians is "assassinating free speech." Seriously, how do these people actually type this stuff without just cracking up laughing?

I can't locate any posts by Riehl where he bemoans the fascistic assassination of free speech by the University of Colorado. Maybe someone can point me to one.


Geez, Putz must be really worried that he's stepped in it this time and actually jeopardized those cushy gigs he gets with Howie Kurtz, because he keeps linking desperately to everyone and anyone who'll defend him, no matter how lamely.

This new link to Dr. Sanity appears to be little else than a 17,000 word ad hominem (and again, doesn't factually disupute the Campos piece) and contains this bit of stupid:
The left's current consensus view on terrorism and Iraq ("Victory is not an option") is just plain wrong and cannot be justified or supported by the facts that are available.
The article Dr. Sanity links to is the recent op-ed on Iraq in the WaPost by Gen. William Odom, who would be very surprised indeed to learn that he's now a member of "the left."

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