Monday, February 19, 2007

Historical perspective alert.

I really have no idea what this means:
That Steyn was warning of a future, not advocating one, has always been obvious to me. And it's a serious warning, especially given that the current civil authorities in most European countries are ineffectually waffling in full Weimar mode.
Is Putz actually claiming that most European countries currently resemble Weimar Germany? So most European countries are about to collapse from economic depression, unemployment and hyperinflation, and succumb to fascist dictators?

I don't think Putz knows much about Weimar Germany.

The International Monetary Fund currently lists the EU as the world's biggest economy by GDP. And the World Bank currently ranks 5 European nations in the top 10 of GDP (Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and France). And the CIA currently has the EU practically tied with the United States in GDP (purchasing power parity).

That doesn't seem so ineffectual or Weimar-like.

But wait!

There is a country with an ineffectual government, a 25% unemployment rate, a Weimaresque 50% (!) inflation rate, and that every day seems more likely to fall into the hands of a dictator.

Hint: it's spelled like "Iran" but with a "q."

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