Sunday, February 18, 2007

The cynical meaning of the Victory Caucusers.

It's finally clear.

The reason Putz, Hew Hughitt, Malkin, Bay, and the rest of the kooky Bush dead-enders of the Victory Caucus mindset are so adamently in favor of the surge is because, even though they know Iraq is a lost cause, they want to be on record as supporting "victory" later.

Either way, the way they see it, it's a win for them. If we "win" (though they tellingly never define what this actually means) they can claim they were prescient. If we "lose" they can claim they alone stood up for America while the liberal media and the Democrats stabbed the troops in the back.

And thus The Stabbed In The Back Myth has a new, powerful chapter.

They must know America will "lose," but unlike with Vietnam, they can actually claim this time around that they were saying all along the war was winnable, and why, and point to all reasons why that was so.

It's really beyond cynical.


LGM has a similar thought here.
The stab-in-the-back narrative is now in full gear. What Kaus merely abets, Glenn Reynolds, Mark Steyn, and the editors of Investors Business Daily push full throttle; America will lose because of the perfidy of liberals. The Surge is providing the proximate excuse. After four years of disastrous ineptitude during which Reynolds et al happily watched the Bush administration destroy America's standing in the world and wage the most incompetent conflict since the War of 1812, they've decided that opposition to the trivial escalation provided by the Surge is the final necessary indicator of treason in the Democratic Party.

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