Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Putz and "the generals."

Unbelievable. Really, just unbelievable.

Putz chides Sen. Warner for warning Gen. Petraeus not to play Lieberman's "criticizing the President's war plan for Iraq is tantamount to treason" game.

This, from a guy who called the eight generals who were criticizing Donald Rumsfeld while Iraq spiraled into chaos "gutless." You know, the fired Donald Rumsfeld that John McCain just called one of the worst SecDefs in US history.

Here's what Warner said to Gen. Petraeus. Decide for yourself if Warner was telling Petraeus to "shut up" as Putz ridiculously claims.
We're not a division here today of patriots who support the troops and those who are making statements and working on resolutions that could be translated as aiding and abetting the enemy. We're trying to exercise the fundamental responsibilities of our democracy and how this nation has two co-equal branches of the government, each bearing its own responsibilities.

I hope that this colloquy has not entrapped you into some responses that you might later regret. I wonder if you would just give me the assurance that you'll go back and examine the transcript as to what you replied with respect to certain of these questions and review it, because we want you to succeed.

. . . I'm very proud of this committee and I don't want an impression, certainly among the armed forces, that we're not all steadfast behind them.

Yeah, just screams "shut up," doesn't it?

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