Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Would you take foreign policy advice from this man?


TS said...

I guess it depends on what he's drinking.

Anonymous said...

Something looks out of place in this picture. I'm not sure if it's the santa hat and the tropical background, or the champagne and the gray t-shirt.

Maybe it's the smile. He's got a crooked smile, and I don't trust uneven smiles.

stopmyabortion said...

He looks like the stereotypical eager CIA operative you see in every 1980's movie about 1970's Central America, who smiles at the crusading photojournalist and says, "you don't understand. Sometimes babies have to die. Eggs, omelets..."

Charles Giacometti said...

What's more pathetic? Instadick imagining that he is cool, or his sycophantic readers imagining that he is cool?

Anonymous said...

And where is his beautiful Instawife? He usually trots her out as a sign that he is not a geek. But even geeks get good looking women if they make enough money - I am proof positive.

Anonymous said...

Decemer 29 - he's slobbering all over Joe L - "I agree, even though our winning will disappoint some people." Having a betting personality, I would take that bet, even though I am betting against my own team. I have done it in sports (bet against my team), and hate doing it here, but reality is reality. The war is lost - get out now.

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