Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Civil Rights.

(Putz, left, sporting a civil rights shirt.Various other wingnuttery, pictured.)

I should be used to it by now, but I have to say, I'm getting really sick and tired of Putz's snarky use of the term "civil rights."
A CIVIL RIGHTS VICTORY IN OHIO -- where the Republican Governor was opposed to civil rights, and Democrats supported them. "In practical effect, the Ohio bill is the most significant roll-back of gun control that has ever been enacted by a state."
So because Taft favors gun control of any kind, he's "opposed to civil rights." Nice. So are majority of Ohioans.
A poll released Tuesday showed a majority of Ohio voters agree with Taft — 54 percent of respondents to a Quinnipiac University poll said they thought it was a bad idea for the state to have the power to override local gun control laws. Thirty-five percent thought it was a good idea.
35% sounds about right -- the same flavor of nut that still supports President Bush, thinks Iraq is going great, and think it's funny to repurpose "civil rights" for guns.

People like Putz.


Visiting Prof said...

I find it odd that he objects so strenuously to the term "Christianist" -- on the grounds that rhetorically it elides significant differences between evangelicals and terrorists -- and yet has no qualms about using the term "civil rights" to denote gun control opponents. To conflate second amendment activists with civil rights activists (whoa re fighting for gender and racial euqality) seems, as you say, snarky but also historically simplistic and disingenuous.

Chris said...

Maybe instead of focussing on "civil rights", (which seems to mean whatever he wants it to mean)Reynolds should brush up on Constitutional law, a subject he seems a little rusty on...

Anonymous said...

Good God, Putz has Black-American envy. Perhaps related to penis envy, not to mention his Oedipal complex. He shall overcome.

Anonymous said...

Here's yet another Putz envy - "compensation envy". See his post of 7;33 pm on 12-13-06 - re associate wages at law firms. Actually many law profs have that affliction. "All those damn students we taught now make more money than I do". True, many former students make more than their old profs, but it is a career choice (private practice vs. teaching).