Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Putz's pre-election predictions revisited.

Putz is crowing about his "pre-mortem" today, but let's revisit his running list of 14 reasons the Democrats were going to lose:

1. There are so many GOP scandals in the news that they'll all cancel each other out and people will vote Republican.

No such luck. Exit polls indicate that "corruption" was a key issue. And guess what? All those GOP scandals weren't so "bi-partisan" after all.

2. Mean lefty bloggers are outing gay Republicans, which will create a backlash and cause people to vote Republican.

Uh, no.

3. John Edwards' wife said something mean about Hillary.


4. The Democrats will investigate President Bush, and people don't want the Great Leader to be investigated, so they'll vote GOP.

Apparently they do.

5. As bad as the Republicans are, the Democrats are worse.

The independent voters voted Democratic. Wrong again.

6. Karl Rove's secret weapon is that he knows that Democratic "mouth breathers" like John Murtha just won't shut up.

Murtha destroyed his Republican challenger.

7. John Murtha may run for Majority Leader, and he's "unserious" about terrorism, so people will vote to keep the GOP majority.

Americans agree with John Murtha on the war, and that's why the Democrats won. Again, it's so great the Democrats took this election, because, finally, that old talking point about national security helping Republicans is dead.

8. There will be a higher voter turnout. That always helps Republicans. Always.

Dead wrong.

9. The press will start looking for Democratic scandals like the phony Harry Reid scandal, because there are so many Republican scandals that they'll want to appear fair.

'Fraid not.

10. The economy.

Middle class people don't like this economy. Sorry Putz.

11. The oh-so-popular President Bush is turning things around for the GOP.

Exit polls indicate that 60% of voters disapprove of the President. And he's historically unpopular for a midtermer. Hilariously wrong.

12. Hugo Chavez's and Ahmadenijad's speeches at the UN remind people that keeping Republicans in power is important, even though these two have become more powerful and dangerous since Republicans have been in power.

Ah, the death of the national security talking point. It's a beautiful thing.

13. Bush's poll numbers.

Uh, no.

And my favorite, #14: John Kerry's manufactured-by-the-right-wing-media "insult of the troops." Boy, did this wingnut fantasy take a dive. How out of touch are these people? They actually believed this was going to win it for them.

Michelle Malkin sighs,
John Kerry's late-campaign troop smear galvanized bloggers and talk radio hosts, but it was not strong enough to overcome wider bipartisan voter doubts about Iraq.
That's because, Michelle, unlike the wingnut bloggers and radio hosts, most Americans realize Kerry wasn't on the ballot, and you made the whole thing up anyway. And they don't have "doubts" about Iraq--they think Bush and the GOP has totally made a mess of it.

Later, we'll look at Putz's GOP "pre-mortem" and compare it with the exit polling.

Hint: he was wrong.


Anonymous said...

Sir, a most righteous takedown of Professor Ernest T. Bass.

Anonymous said...

An excellent analysis of the failures of cornpone punditry.

Well done.