Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The news media supports terrorists.

Putz is ratcheting up his crusade against our free press.
AUSTIN BAY ON THE CBS AMBUSH -- with further thoughts at his blog. His point on the mutually-supporting relationship between terrorists and the news media is well taken.
Putz has previously accused the media of "empowering" terrorists, which was bad enough. But to suggest that our media supports terrorists is truly appalling, beyond the pale--even sick. Bay's loony thesis is that the "sensationalist" media implicity cooperates with "Islamo-fascists."

Money quote:
Executing a CBS [Networked, Coordinated Blood-Spilling Plus Sensationalism] ambush requires the implicit cooperation of sensationalist media -- media that delight in emotional slights and rarely probe beyond the superficial. Until that implicit cooperation ends, the Islamo-fascists will continue to exploit this productive stratagem, achieving propaganda victories designed to ignite a "clash of civilizations" and brutally intimidate their Muslim and non-Muslim opposition.

The President just said the other day that this "war on terror" is a "struggle for civilization" itself. As if those stakes weren't high enough, he also likened Osama bin Laden to Hitler, and his administration is now publicly making the case that we're fighting World War Two and the Cold War simultaneously.

So given the sheer magnitude of this conflict as defined by the President--WWII and the Cold War and the battle for civilization itself all wrapped up into one massive, global, existential Armageddon--how can the news media possibly sensationalize any aspect of the terror threat?


After that, maybe someone could explain why our publicly-traded, corporate-owned media supports the certain destruction of our nation, and civilization as we know it.


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