Saturday, June 17, 2006

Cheap political stunts - a reason to vote GOP.

The Republicans stage a disgraceful piece of political theatre, and Putz criticizes the Democrats.
DEMOCRATS MAKE CASE for voting Republican.

He links to wingnut Hugh Hewitt, who writes,
When the vast majority of House Democrats vote against victory in the war, the American people should know.
So, because the Democrats wouldn't play along with the Republicans' cheap political stunt, they're voting "against victory." Even the Republican who coined the phrase "freedom fries" knows the vote was a joke.

Salon ("Resolved: America Great! Bin Laden Evil! Go Bush!"):
[Rep. Walter] Jones is not a natural dove. He sits on the Armed Services Committee and his district includes Camp Lejeune, the home base of nearly 47,000 sailors and Marines. But Jones is one of a handful of Republican congressmen to break ranks with President Bush and the GOP leadership over Iraq. In recent months, he has been campaigning for a "full and honest" debate on the Iraq war. And he has written several letters to GOP committee chairmen and Majority Leader John Boehner, requesting the chance for a public vote on a pullout date.

Of course, none of that has happened.

Jones now says he feels duped by his own party's leadership. "Maybe I should have been less trusting, but I felt it would be a debate that would allow us to talk about policy," Jones told me. "I don't see how we would have gotten hurt if we had allowed members of both parties to go down to the floor to offer an amendment." To express his frustration, he appeared Wednesday at a press conference with Rep. Neil Abercrombie, a Democrat from Hawaii, who bound his own hands in yellow twine to dramatize the bonds under which members of Congress toil.
When only about third of Americans approve of Bush's handling of the war, it's really beyond belief -- a stunning display of arrogance -- that people like Instaputz glibly label the Democrats traitors over a meaningless, politically-motivated, midterm elections cheerleading bill for the Bush Administration.

It really makes you wonder: are Instaputz and Hugh Hewitt and the House Republicans reading the polls? Are they simply in denial that two-thirds of the country think Iraq was a mistake, and think Bush has bungled the war badly? Do they really believe the war in Iraq is a winner for them in November?

Someone pass the Kool-Aid.


CNN just released a poll indicating 53% of Americans favor a pull-out date. What a bunch of cut-and-run traitors.

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