Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The shrill Kossacks.

Another recurring theme for Putz: the shrill, angry Left. His target today is Daily Kos:
If you find yourself sounding like a Kos diarist, step away from the blog and take a break, lest you do for your cause what the Kossacks have done for theirs.
It's amusing to be lectured on civility from a guy who links practically every day to Michelle "Moonbat" Malkin, Gateway Pundit, who recently called the Democratic Party the "Culture of Treason Party", Powerline, a group of bloggers who's rhetorical excesses are too frequent to list here, and by a man who himself shared a podium with Ann Coulter, that darling of the right who's written books that call Democrats godless traitors.

Very amusing. Indeed.

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