Friday, November 09, 2012

GOP: all we need to do to win women and minority votes is explain ourselves better.

Yeah, exactly.
I love the post-electoral gyrations that we’re seeing by the wingnuts claiming that the best way to get the votes from groups that they didn’t get this time around — you know, women, blacks and hispanics — is to double down on conservative positions. This is pretty much the same thing as speeding away at 90 mph from the cop who just gave you a speeding ticket. 


Anonymous said...

Up next: Romney lost because he and Ryan were no conservative enough!

Bachmann/Cain 2016!

Fran / Blue Gal said...

The liberal media cost us this election also too! :D

Anonymous said...

The repubs believe that if they explain their conservative ideology in Spanish , it will fix the problem. These RWNJs don't have a clue.

Frankly Curious said...

There is always that. Any defeat of a group will cause the true believers to call for greater purity. But the more "mainstream" Republicans seem to be calling for more happy talk. The theory goes that minority groups just don't like the blunt talk of, say, anti-choice extremism. Although I accept that this is the case, it is not the primary reason that people didn't vote for the Republicans. My take:

It's the Poor, Stupid

Anonymous said...

Listen, it's pretty easy. The GOP has been conning mostly poor white voters for so long, they can't understand why the con is not working on those other groups as well.