Friday, November 16, 2012

Blaming Romney, not the party.

The GOP has now lost the popular vote 5 out of 6 times (hasn't happened since '32-'52), and a GOP candidate has not won over 300 EVs since 1988 (Clinton and Obama did it twice).

But, that's all Romney fault.
Some top GOP officials worry their message is wrong for a rapidly diversifying population, and that fundamental shifts in policy may be required. 
But the more dominant voice, and the one gaining currency within the center of the party, says such drama isn't necessary. It asserts that Mitt Romney's loss to President Barack Obama was primarily a tactical failure, a combination of poor articulation of GOP positions and a weak effort to register voters and move them to the polls. Better execution on both, they say, would have swung the few hundred thousand votes in a few states that would have tipped the presidential election the other way.
Yep, that's all that's wrong, guys. Tactics and messaging.


Charles Giacometti said...

Awesome. Let them keep thinking that. Ryan-Bachman in 2016, and they take about 90 electoral votes.

hells littlest angel said...

The real scandal is that the Republican establishment knew, WELL BEFORE November 6th, that Romney was a selfish, clueless jerkoff, and yet, day after day, they were out there lying to the American people, telling them he was a better man for the job of President than Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, they just can't see--or don't want to--that it's their ugly philosophy and message ("America for cranky old, straight, rich white Republican dudes only! Yeah!")which turns people away. Yeah, denial is not just a river in Egypt....

Mr. Wonderful said...

"poor articulation of GOP positions"

Yes, surely that's it. I blame Roger Ailes (the bad one). It all starts with him, and then filters down through Fox News, Rush, Congress, pundits, etc., until the blog commenters repeat it verbatim. If only these people could learn to articulate better.