Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Texas billboard extols Christians to pray for Obama's death.

Lovely people.
A sign erected on North Navarro Street asking drivers-by to "Pray for Obama" is stirring controversy in the Crossroads.  
The sign, at the corner of North Navarro and Stanly Streets next to Car West Car Wash and Uncle Mutt's Bar-B-Q, references a seemingly kind suggestion to pray for the nation's president.  
But below a pair of hands folded in prayer, Psalms 109:8 is stripped across the bottom.
"When I first saw the sign, I thought, 'Oh good, we should pray for our leaders' ... but when I got out my Bible and looked up the verse, I realized the verse was calling for the death of a leader who the writer (King David, of Israel) believes is evil," said the Rev. Amy Danchik, of Christ the Victor Lutheran Church, located on the same street.  
Psalms 109:8, which reads, "May his days be few; may another take his place of leadership," provoked Danchik to petition area clergy for the removal of the sign, citing its inflammatory implication that Obama should die.

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