Friday, August 31, 2012

Wishful thinking.

The hope is, on my part, that by lashing himself to the Ryan mast, Romney has done us all - in particular, his party - a big favor. The base will not be able to blame squishiness for defeat. Romney has morphed with Ryan, with Romney the patriarch and Ryan the eager dauphin. Defeat will be for both. Then a small faction in the GOP may actually decide they have to deal with Obama on saner terms, i.e. with revenues on the table.
Good luck with that, Andrew. The base believes that global warming is a liberal hoax, taxes are sky high, inflation is running rampant -- and that the only reason Sarah Palin isn't about to occupy the White House is because the liberal media destroyed her.

They will respond to Romney's loss the same way they did to McCain's. Wouldn't be surprised if Marco Rubio is considered a squish by February.

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