Thursday, August 09, 2012

Ryan for Veep!

Ezra Klein asks:
Why do conservatives want Paul Ryan to be vice president? 
Easy. Because they think it will piss off liberals.

Sure, it makes no tactical sense at all, as Klein points out. But to wingnuts, making sense doesn't hold a candle to doing something they think will piss of liberals.

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Anonymous said...

Also, they think that 90% of Americans agree with them that the budget needs to be slashed so those MOOCHERS and LOOTERS don't bankrupt all of the hard-workin' folks out there, only they don't know it yet because the LIBERAL MEDIA has brainwashed them. Once Paul Ryan is on the ticket, people will awaken their true conservative nature and bring about a permanent Republican majority.

It's a way of denying their rapidly-hardening minority status.