Saturday, August 25, 2012

Piss-poor politicking.

Let's leave aside for a minute that Romney's dabbling in birtherism is racist/nativist at worst, unseemly at best. But it's just awful politics.
I asked Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee chairman, about the comment, and he denied Romney was alluding to birtherism at all. "It's a distraction. It's a nothing issue," he said of the conspiracy theories, which he noted he's always strongly refuted. Romney, he said, "was referring to the fact that he was born in Michigan to make the point, 'I'm a Michigander' to the people of Michigan."

After Romney made the national subject du jour Medicare, the GOP pivoted to talking about rape. Now, thanks to Romney's "joke" -- we're back to birtherism.

This is his second presidential campaign and this guy still doesn't know what he's doing. How is that possible?


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