Monday, July 30, 2012

Glenn Reynolds: Republicans would've had "better chance" if Palin had been nominee in 2008.

I was wondering when Putz would weigh-in on Cheney's remarks about The Quitter, and he didn't disappoint.

But would the GOP have had a "better chance" with Palin at the top of the ticket?
Sarah Palin's impact on McCain's fortunes will no doubt be long debated, and the results of the exit polls are somewhat mixed. Fully 60% of Americans casting ballots said that Palin is not qualified to be president should it be necessary; 81% of these voters favored Obama. 
Probably not.

What Cheney said -- that most voters didn't think she was qualified to be president -- is objectively true. Putz doesn't want to hear that, because he's been a mindless cheerleader for The Quitter since McCain picked her.

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