Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bobo: Obama's "attacking capitalism."

Bobo looks at all the rampant criminality, the corruption, the bailouts -- and decides he likes it all. 
Do you spend the entire campaign saying that things would have been even worse if you hadn’t acted the way you did? No. That would be pathetic. You go on the attack. Instead of defending your economic policies, you attack modern capitalism as it now exists. You blame the system for the economy. You do this with double ferocity if your opponent happens to be the embodiment of that system. 
So, my question is: what fair-minded person wouldn't attack incompetent CEOs parachuting out of disasters with $150M? Who wouldn't attack the system that produced Enron, Lehman and TARP?
But, politically, this aggressive tactic has worked. It has shifted the focus of the race from being about big government, which Obama represents, to being about capitalism, which Romney represents. 
 I'm happy for Romney to represent the current system, but it ain't 'capitalism.' It's crony corporatism, and it's telling that Bobo doesn't see the difference.

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