Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Corner bloggers are still very unfamiliar with this "slang" business.

First, watch this rather bland Obama campaign video.

Next, read this crazy post.
It is indeed reprehensible in its call for racial solidarity. I would just add that the call for African Americans to “have his [that is, President Obama’s] back” is a not-so-subtle suggestion that the President’s critics are (a) threatening him with something more than just criticism, and (b) doing so in a somehow cowardly and unfair way. So if you you’re black and you don’t support the President, well then you’re practically just standing around with your hands in your pockets while a brother gets lynched.
Really? "Got your back" suddenly translates to "save you from lynching"? Guess they don't have a copy of the Urban Dictionary at The Corner offices.

Anyone who wonders why blacks made up zero percent of the Republican primary vote in Arizona should just refer back to this post.

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