Friday, February 10, 2012

Assrocket panics.

In a post titled, "Is 2012 Slipping Away from the GOP?" Assrocket notes,
Barack Obama has run the national debt up to $15 trillion. Who is talking about that scandal?
Let's take a look at that scandal. When W. entered the White House in Jan. 2001, the national debt was about $6T. By the end of his term, the debt had increased to nearly $11T, an increase of 89%.

Now, who thinks we were going to reduce the national debt during the worst economic crash since the Great Depression, which occurred under W.'s watch, while cleaning up the two wars that began under George W. Bush, and by extending the Bush tax cuts?


And this is awesome:
Barack Obama may be a horrible president, but he is the biggest moneybags in the history of politics. He will raise a billion dollars, plus his SuperPac. The Republican candidate, whoever he may be, will be swamped by Democratic Party, rich liberal and labor union money. And it is worth noting that a large majority of the GOP’s activists who now take such an arrogant attitude toward the Republican contenders will contribute little or nothing to the eventual nominee.
That Assrocket can hold those two opposing ideas in his head simultaneously -- that Obama is a miserable failure of a president who nonetheless can raise more money than any other politician in the history of politics -- (oh, and by the way, those poor, working class Republicans just can't compete with all that union money) -- is seriously impressive.

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