Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The socialist, freedom-hating era of "Leave It to Beaver"

Via Atrios, we get this from Bobo:
I was also struck, as in New Hampshire and Iowa, by the mood of this year’s rallies. Republican audiences this year want a restoration. America once had strong values, they believe, but we have gone astray. We’ve got to go back and rediscover what we had. Heads nod enthusiastically every time a candidate touches this theme.

I agree with the sentiment, but it makes for an incredibly backward-looking campaign. I sometimes wonder if the Republican Party has become the receding roar of white America as it pines for a way of life that will never return.

Duncan makes the point, quite rightly, that they're pining for an era in which Jim Crow was the law of the land and the womyns knew their place.

But the other irony is that they're longing for a time in which rich people paid a 91% marginal tax rate and over a third of the country was unionized.

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