Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ronald Reagan delivered us from the hellhole that was the American Century.

Friedersdorf, on the speech Marco Rubio gave at the Reagan Library that wingnuts are flipping over:
1) It's jarring to hear, in the same speech, that every president of the 20th Century save Reagan pursued a fundamentally flawed style of government that weakened our people... and that in the same period, we became the best, most rich, prosperous nation in the history of planet earth.
This is always the paradox, isn't it?

Big government defeated fascism in Europe and the Pacific and built the strongest nation and the largest middle class the world has ever seen. But yet we constantly hear shit like this.

So, from 1933-1981, the United States was "debauched" until St. Reagan of California saved us all from the evils of big government -- and promptly grew government.

Wingnuts suck at history.

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