Friday, August 05, 2011


When she was hired by the Washington Post, I asked Fred Hiatt what he had in mind with this acquisition and was told that he wanted a more conservative voice on the team.

Rubin's domestic US conservative commentary is limited, and not nearly as frequent as her posts that touch on Israel. That's not "conservative" but rather a silo of work in one obsessive, highly toxic area of debate in which she provides a flamboyantly Likudist portal.
Thank you.

I really do hate the lazy shorthand of mislabeling stuff right-wingers believe "conservative." It flatters these nutjobs, and throws the entire scale out of whack. There's nothing "conservative" about the ideas that global warming is a liberal hoax, that Obama is a Kenyan Marxist or that tax cuts pay for themselves.

Now, these may be positions a large number wingnuts embrace, but that doesn't mean they're inherently "conservative."

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