Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In which Josh Trevino, former Bush speechwriter and professional wingnut, nanny-boo-boos me.

Today at FDL, I wrote yet again about Rick Perry's overrated economic record, pointing out that Texas has a middling unemployment rate and slower economic growth than librul states like MA or NY.

So what happens?

None other than Mark Hemingway sicced one Joshua Trevino on me.

And who is Joshua Trevino? A former speechwriter for George W. Bush, perhaps best known for making racist, assholish tweets.

Here's Josh's big comeback.

Notice: no rebuttal of any of the points of the post. Trevino did, however, make this point.

Love it or leave it, bitches! Funny how that rule doesn't apply to all the wingnuts like Trevino bashing Obama.

Then there was this.

This is always the line Texas wingers use in this situation. They prance around bragging about how awesome Texas is under Republicans -- then you point out inconvenient facts such as Texas' appalling childhood poverty, high school dropout rate, teen pregnancy, number of uninsured -- whatever -- and you're "tearing down" the state.

When I pointed out to Trevino that Texas had a worse childhood poverty rate than West Virginia, he replied,

It's the Mexican's fault! (By the way, why are Southern states so poor, I wondered, when they're the most conservative?)

Nevermind that California, the biggest border state of all, has a lower-than-average child poverty rate -- and much lower than Texas'. The response?

So California doesn't count. Take that, commie!

All the while, I kept hammering Trevino about Perry's acceptance of the stimulus and his using it to balance Texas' massive budget shortfall -- surely a humiliating fact for such a big, tough guy, states' rights wingnut -- and that the stimulus had created or saved hundreds of thousands of jobs in Texas.

All he could muster was,

The gubmint's lying!

But Trevino wouldn't deny that the stimulus had a positive effect on Texas' economy or the jobs. He just wanted to claim that the federal government was lying about how much. Very convincing, indeed.

Then it got weird.

So -- Texas Democrats are like Nazis and they're enemies of the state.

What a nutbar.

You can see all my responses here and Josh's here. Dude has issues.

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