Thursday, April 28, 2011

The rantings of El Rushbo.

This makes absolutely no sense.
Right now, such a person on the conservative side has not surfaced. So here's Trump, and he's taking it to Obama. And admit it. That's what you've wanted for two and a half years. Admit another thing. To us, there's nothing superhuman about Barack Obama. All he is to us is a threat to our nation as we've always known it. All he is to us is somebody who is so wrong as to portend a genuine danger for the future of our kids and grandkids, whom we love, just as we love our country. And we want this disaster stopped, and 2012 is the first chance we're gonna have. But frankly I don't know a single Republican in the field who's able to stand up and say what I just said. Have you heard it? Have you heard anybody who would say it? Is there anybody in our field who would refer to Obama as a disaster? No. They're petrified.
So...Obama's not superhuman -- he's just capable of personally destroying the country as we know it and ruining our grandchildren's future. Okay.

The rest of the segment convinces me that the reason wingnuts are lining up behind a pro-choice, pro-gay rights, thrice divorced, hedonistic marginal Democrat is that they're just dying for someone to say the n-word out loud, and so far, he's coming the closest.

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