Saturday, April 09, 2011

Pretty much.

Yes, yes, yes (excerpted from a comment below).
To caricature liberal criticism as the works elitists whose politics are governed by a psychic need to pick on the guy in charge is the golden oldie of the right who love to say they are the ones who really care about the disadvantaged, kind of like prison guards being the ones who really look for the inmates. Forget any stats on who votes for what party and the like.

At least get what's being said right. Otherwise, go back to I'm rubber, you're glue with lots of cursing added. Obama's liberal critics aim at the failure to defend liberalism in the budget deal as was the case on the tax cut showdown in December. Liberals want economic security and equal opportunity. That agenda could be used to criticize the hostage taking Boehner and company pulled here. To say the Republicans forced us to choose between more cuts to the poor or shutting down the govt entirely. Don't celebrate the deal you made. It reinforces the right's point that the gov't needs to be cut and that the cuts all have to come for the have nots.

Another round of this budget is coming soon. Starting from the point of saying we must cut but we can't touch defense or taxes on the corporations and the wealthy reinforces conservatism. And if the ideas don't matter then at least get wise to the impact that these cuts have income equality and the day-to-day struggle to get by for those in whose name you speak.
Based on the way the White House has negotiated previously, I am not optimistic.

The Republicans control 1/2 of 1/3 of the governmentThe Democrats control the White House and Senate but the GOP Teabaggers got their way.

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