Saturday, April 09, 2011

Do you want Obama to fail?

If you disagree with the President, that's what this post seems to be saying.

Also noticeably absent from this rambling 10,000-word rant is any mention of the outright contempt the administration has expressed for it's liberal base, which, feelings aside, is politically idiotic.

If Obama wants me to be a cheerleader for him, he needs to give me something to cheer about.

Not sure why that's controversial.


A reader writes,
Nobody's asking you to be a cheerleader. But aside from thinking you're the base when you're not, maybe you could apply some historical perspective to some of the things Obama has done in addition to some demographic perspective about who the base is? Compared to the presidents of the last 50 years, not compared to this magical lollipop fairyland that only lives in your head. A lot of what you write sounds like a baseball blogger who's allegedly a fan of one team, but constantly berates its star player for only hitting .400. A truly progressive player would hit 1.000, you say! It's fucking horseshit.
I think it's very strange and unhelpful to start tribal pie fights about who the base of the Democratic Party is -- but...You're going to compare Obama to Lyndon Johnson? Seriously?

I'd say that's fucking horseshit.

In my view, despite having the largest Democratic majorities in the House and Senate in a generation, and despite following the least popular Republican president since Herbert Hoover -- Obama has taken all of that political capital and promptly governed as a moderate Republican on domestic issues. A competent moderate Republican, but a moderate Republican, nonetheless.

Unfortunately, he's also reaffirmed most of the neocon Bush/Cheney national security policies.

The stimulus was a moderate Republican bill.
The health care bill was a moderate Republican bill. FigReg was a joke, I'm not even sure what that was. Find me a credible center-left economist who likes it.

Surging in Afghanistan? Extending the war into Pakistan and Yemen? Attacking Libya? Extending the Bush tax cuts for millionaires?

Sorry, that's not what I voted for. If you're happy with that, great. If you think that's batting .400, fine. Just don't tell me I have to think so, because I don't.

And this latest outrage -- agreeing to cut billions of dollars in programs for the people who need it most in a bad economy -- while celebrating it as a victory.

Yes, let's all get behind that! Best liberal president since Johnson! Go team!!!

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