Thursday, November 11, 2010

Well-read indeed

Steve Chapman makes the horrible mistake of pointing out to TownHall readers - die hard supporters of the Constitution, one and all - that letting ex-felons vote after they serve their sentences (including all parole or probation time) makes a lot of sense. People who support basic Constitutional rights should support this sort of thing, he notes, while also pointing out that "It recognizes them as individuals capable of rehabilitation. It encourages them to reintegrate into society."

I'll let you guess how well the comment section likes this argument. My two favorites so far:

My god you're an idiot, Chapman! Every week you somehow find a new way to prove it.

The whole point of a REPUBLIC is to LIMIT the franchise to those who might make good choices. We've already diluted that concept to the point that we directly vote for Senators, and let children, aliens, and convicts vote -- and the Republic teeters on the edge of destruction as the inevitable result.

Yet here you stand, pretend Republican that you are, defending voting rights for people who have PROVEN their poor decision making ability -- convicted felons.

Unbelievable. Why are you here , Chapman? Couldn't get a job at the Huffington Post?
The correlation between irresponsible, stupid, ignorant, illiterate drones unfit to vote, and felons, is so strong felons should have their voting rights severely restricted. Perhaps a probation period to earn the vote again, over time and good behavior, would be appropriate. This is America.
Well, that all makes sense to me. Felons are brown, and brown people vote for lib'ruls.

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