Monday, November 01, 2010

Dept. of Bad Metaphors.

From yesterday's Face the Nation:

SCHIEFFER: OK. Well, let`s talk some politics. Because that`s what I asked all of you to come here to talk about today. And, Governor Rendell, Ed Rendell, governor of Pennsylvania, it looks like the wind is really blowing the Republicans` way this time. What happened? What did the Democrats do wrong here?

: Well, first, Bob, let me just say I slightly disagree. I`ve sensed -- and I`ve been out campaigning the last couple of weeks, I`ve sensed that if this is a Republican tidal wave, I`ve sensed a Democratic undertone going against it.

Democrats are much more fired up in the last two weeks than people would think. African-American voters, I was in a subway station, they`re on fire because of the attacks by Mitch McConnell on the president. They know what`s at stake here.

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