Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sucks for You, Lindsey.

The Advocate:

Hustler publisher Larry Flynt said that he knows the identity of a gay U.S. Senator, and that he plans to expose him in the next few months if the legislator does not come out on his own.

According to Talking Points Memo, Flynt spoke with CNN’s Don Lemon in the context of the publisher’s standing offer to give $1 million to anyone who can prove they were sexually involved with a high-ranking official. Lemon asked Flynt whether he could describe details about his latest tips.

“We know we’ve got a gay senator, you know, we’d just like to see him come out of the closet,” said Flynt. “I think we’ll be exposing him in the next few months if he doesn’t.”

Assuming the soon-to-be-outed Senator stays closeted, Flynt's disclosure will totally take some of the sting off the midterm losses.

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