Friday, October 29, 2010

Editorial Decisions.

Andrew Sullivan thinks Gawker's decision to print that anonymous Christine O'Donnell kiss-and-tell everyone's so angry about was "intrepid."1

"If you believed the article was obviously wrong," he says, "then you should be in favor of publishing it and bringing the issue to light. Suppressing something only gives it legitimacy." he continues.2

Finally: "It's always better to put everything on the table and fight over it, than posture about which subjects are worthy of debate or scrutiny."3

In fact, these quotes are Sullivan's justification for publishing excerpts of the "The Bell Curve" in The New Republic.
He says the Gawker item is "vile" and has "not a smidgen of journalistic justification."

1The Atlantic, October 20, 2007
2USA Today, October 18, 1994
3The Atlantic, February 24, 2009

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