Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Breitbart, Loser.

Andrew Breitbart is having a bad day. His puppy, James O'Keefe, has gotten himself into a smidgen of trouble. This has not gone unnoticed by Oliver Willis, who casually refers to O'Keefe as part of Breitbart's 'crew.'

For Breitbart, who has shown himself to be totally fine with smearing ACORN and a respected African American federal employee, this is a bridge too far... 

I hope this happens! But only because I also want Breitbart to sue that holier than thou skank The Anchoress, who's used similar language ("So, here we are, the Breitbart crew presents Episode #4 in the Adventures of a Cartoonish Pimp and Ho at ACORN..."). Take one for the team, Oliver.

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